Oppo launched a new App Store 10.0 brings comprehensive improvement

Oppo App Store 10.0

Oppo is known for its exotic and exposed nature, and for users’ better experience company is working hard. Likewise, Oppo recently launched a new application named – Oppo App Store 10.0 for better efficiency and exposure for applications.

The app aims to improve comprehensive improvement for the application’s batter performance, listing, and distribution efficiency. The users can know the Oppo App Store through the 10.0 version.

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It is a completely new app for maintaining app security and privacy detection by providing appropriate tools. Although, the Oppo App Store builds app self-updating, algorithm updates, and shelves and distribution efficiency.

All in all the app is built to secure your data and provide you with a better security and optimization experience. After the ColorOS 13 for the users, this is going to be the most adorable step from the company for the Oppo users.

Oppo App Store 10.0

Hope you guys will definitely enjoy using the new Oppo App store on your smartphone, and the app also helps you to give the experience and a lot more than you missed its old Oppo store app junction. For more detailed info you can check the complete description that the company provides on the official Weibo handle.


  • Application aggregation, boutique focus
  • Security and privacy detection tool] Open
  • Application self-updating, algorithm upgrade, comprehensive improvement Exposure, shelves, and distribution efficiency!

Oppo App store 10.0