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These well-known third-party apps natively support VisionOS in the US 

Apple has launched its VisionOS App Store, which will help users find apps to run on their Vision Pro and enjoy the features and capabilities of the headset to an extent. Therefore, here you will come to know that, besides Apple applications, which third-party apps natively support the VisionOS.

According to the information, around 250 apps with native support for Visions have been submitted to Apple, because with the native support, these apps can take full advantage of spatial design elements and offer more immersive features. Below you can check the list of well-known third-party apps that will natively support Apple VisionOS.

  • Airmail
  • Box
  • CARROT Weather
  • Fantastical, Facades
  • JigSpace
  • MUBI
  • Night Sky
  • OmniPlan 4
  • Parcel
  • PCalc
  • Red Bull TV
  • Sky Guide
  • Tides
  • Webex
  • Zoom

Other than these, Microsoft will also offer a variety of native VisionOS apps at launch, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Teams. While, Disney+ will also natively support the Vision Pro and its app will offer users a selection of 3D movies to watch on the headset, such as Avatar, The Way of Water, Avengers, and more.

However, some popular apps will not offer Vision Pro apps of any kind at launch, including Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, but users can still access these services via Safari.

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These well-known third-party apps natively support VisionOS in the US 

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