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Google Maps now matches your food pictures to actual menu

Google Maps is an outstanding application that helps users explore new places and find the best routes to reach their destination. Simultaneously, Google keeps on optimizing app performance with some or the other additions and a recent one suggests that Maps will now match your food pictures to the actual menu.

According to the information, Google Maps is getting a new feature that maps and names user-generated food pictures to the actual menu items. It uses both user-provided captions and object recognition to label the dishes and occurs in the Photos tab of a restaurant, cafe, or similar listing, for a better experience.

When swiping through images, some are now accompanied by a card at the bottom that has the name of the dish and how it’s described in the menu. It also shows the price and labels like Popular or Vegetarian. Accordingly, the information of the dishes is collected from Google users and businesses.


 Google Maps food pictures menu

Google Maps now matches your food pictures to actual menu

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