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Wait what! New users won’t be able to use X without paying?

In a surprising and significant shift, Elon Musk has announced its intention to charge new users for access to basic features of its X platform. This groundbreaking move is set to transform the social media landscape and has sparked intense discussions among users.

Musk, the owner of X formerly Twitter said in a live stream last month that making X paid is the only way to keep the platform free of bots, although he has always said that charging for a blue verified badge would put an end to bots.

As per the information, X will charge new users $1 a year so that they can use basic features such as creating new posts, replying to other users, quote, repost, like, bookmark, and create lists. This will officially put X under a paywall, blocking people from using the platform without paying for it.

Simultaneously, X is also planning to introduce a new, more expensive Premium tier that will remove ads completely. However, the new subscription to use basic features has now been rolled out to users in New Zealand and the Philippines, and might soon be expanded to more countries.

While Twitter will start charging for basic features, it’s essential to note that the platform plans to offer a premium experience to those who are willing to pay.

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Wait what! New users won’t be able to use X without paying?

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