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Dark Mode is coming with future Fitbit app update

Back in September, Fitbit gave a new makeover to its app, which wasn’t found useful or satisfactory for some users and the firm has received various negative feedback on that. Taking the user’s feedback into consideration, Fitbit is now readying a new update which will revamp the app and will also bring a new dark mode.

Fitbit details the future app update and states that the application will get several major changes including the feature of reducing spacing and optimizing the layout of the Today tab. In addition, there will also be a dark mode, to fix the issue of not being very friendly at night or when waking up in the morning.

However, the firm has not yet specified with which update these changes are coming to users. But we can expect that the future Fitbit app update could hide all the flaws of the previous version and the dark mode will offer consumers more satisfactory results.

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Dark Mode is coming with future Fitbit app update

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