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WhatsApp adds new reaction and reply shortcuts to Media viewer screen

Key Points 

  • WhatsApp adds shortcuts to reply and react directly from the media viewer screen.
  • The newly added reaction and reply shortcuts will optimize the user’s experience.
  • These shortcut buttons are currently available for some beta testers.

WhatsApp is trying to elevate user experience by introducing new reaction and reply shortcuts to the Media viewer screen. These new additions will change the way users interact with media content within the Meta-based app, making communication even more adequate.

These new shortcuts will allow users to react quickly to photos, videos, and other media shared on WhatsApp. In addition, consumers will also be able to share their reviews and thoughts on the media directly from that screen via the reply button.

The newly introduced shortcuts also eliminate the need to open chat every time they want to reply or react to the media they are viewing. Overall, these enhancements streamline conversations and make it more convenient for users to express their thoughts and reactions on the media.


As per the details, the shortcuts to react and reply directly from the media viewer screen are rolling out with version Simultaneously, these enhancements are currently available for beta testers. However, it will start expanding to public users in the coming days.

WhatsApp media reaction reply shortcuts


WhatsApp adds new reaction and reply shortcuts to Media viewer screen

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