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WhatsApp makes it easier than ever to explore channels

Key Points 

  • WhatsApp now allows users to explore new Channels quickly.
  • The new Explore button optimizes the experience and makes the app more user-friendly.

WhatsApp has made a small change that can eventually elevate your experience while discovering new channels on Android. With the new version of the application, WhatsApp has added a new shortcut called explore, making it easier than ever to discover new channels.

With the addition of an explore button right on the front of the Channels tab, users can now dive into a world of exciting content with just a simple tap. This new shortcut eliminates the need to tap on the plus button and then find or search for specific channels.

Overall, the new explore button offers an efficient way to find new and interesting content on the Meta-based app. With a single tap on Explore users can get engage with a wide range of channels, from news and entertainment to lifestyle and education.

The explore button is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that even beginner users can navigate with ease. This approach also enhances the overall user experience, making channel exploration seamless.


Not only does this update add a shortcut for exploration, but it also changes the way users create channels. Yes, the ability to create channels is now been located on the overflow menu within the top bar of the app. Consequently, the update will be rolled out to wider audience in the coming days.


WhatsApp Channels explore


WhatsApp makes it easier than ever to explore channels

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