WhatsApp will soon let you transfer your chat history from Android users


At the beginning of September, WhatsApp announced the Chat Migration feature for Android users who wish to transfer their chat history on iOS. At that time, the WhatsApp team had just begun to study this feature.


As per the recent report, the Android beta version update suggests that WhatsApp has almost done with this function. Moreover, it can be launched soon anytime. As we can see in the picture, Whats has completed the registration of Android phones for Chat migration.

WhatsApp Chat Migration Android

Now, we are waiting for further instructions on how users can migrate their conversation history on the iPhone. It is worth mentioning that iOS users already received this feature in August, but currently only support Samsung devices.

In addition, WhatsApp assures users that more devices will be added soon, but no further progress has been found so far. Now, let us briefly check the chat migration feature.

WhatsApp Chat Migration Feature

WhatsApp iOS users can use the “Switch to Android” application and a connecting cable to transfer their conversation history on Samsung devices. To access this feature,

  • Open your WhatsApp account
  • Go to the Settings
  • Then open Chat, where you can find the “Move chat to Android” option.
  • Just click the start button, confirm the operation and wait for the device to be ready.

After completing this process, users can set up their Android devices and use WhatsApp for all previous chats. Don’t forget to keep your iPhone unlocked and open the app during the whole process.


Currently, WhatsApp has not specified a date for the release of the chat migration function. However, as it nears the completion of development, Android users will receive it soon. As things develop further, we will bring you more insights. keep in touch!

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