WhatsApp message editing feature

WhatsApp will let you fix typo mistakes with ‘message editing’ feature

WhatsApp is bringing one of the most-awaited abilities for its users in the form of a message editing feature. As the name reflects, you will now be able to edit a text and can even fix your typo mistakes by using this ultimate function on the application.

Consequently, WhatsApp keeps on rolling out new features that could add efficiency to the user experience. A few days ago, we heard of the ‘Chat Lock’ segment that offers more privacy and safety to your extra-special conversations.

In the latest edition, the Meta-owned firm announced a new and significant message editing feature on WhatsApp. As of now, you can simply correct an error or edit a message, even if you have sent it already. Here is what the official blog post reads about this addition:

“For the moments when you make a mistake, or simply change your mind, you can now edit your sent messages.”

How to Use?

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg also notified in a Facebook post that you can modify a text within 15 minutes of sending the message. All you have to do is, long-press a message and tap on the edit option to alter the text. Pay attention! These messages will show an ‘edited’ label beside the time stamp to highlight the change.

WhatsApp has already begun rolling out this interesting feature on Android. Most of the users have already received access to try this feature today. However, if you have not then don’t worry, as the rollout will expand gradually among consumers.

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Meanwhile, you can check the Google Play Store and update the respective application to its latest version. Once done, you can edit an already-sent message and it will show up to both parties running the new build of the app.

WhatsApp message editing feature


WhatsApp will let you fix typo mistakes with ‘message editing’ feature

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