X Community Notes ads

X Community Notes being used to attack ads by Apple and others

X, formerly known as Twitter, has been facing a significant issue regarding the misuse of its Community Notes feature. This feature, which was initially designed to encourage users to share important information within their communities, has recently been exploited to attack ads by various companies, including Apple.

According to a report, advertisements from technology have been called out for making allegedly false or misleading claims. It said that Uber deleted an ad after a critical Community Note but Apple’s Community Note disappeared when other members of the notes negatively rated it.

The misuse of Community Notes has raised concerns among advertisers and users alike. Apple, Samsung, Uber, and some more have been targeted by these attacks, with malicious individuals using this feature to spread false information and defamatory content about the company’s products and services.

These attacks not only harm reputation but also mislead consumers and affect their purchasing decisions. X says that it responded by raising the threshold for Community Notes to appear. Now, more users will need to mark it as helpful before it is appended to the post.

X Community Notes ads


X Community Notes being used to attack ads by Apple and others

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