Xiaomi Camera pre june 2023 update

Xiaomi drops fresh update to Camera app, check what’s new 

Xiaomi has recently dropped a fresh new update to its Camera app, bringing along several improvements and bug fixes. This update aims to enhance the overall user experience and optimize the performance of the app.

Addressing the bugs ensures a smoother and more stable experience, reducing any potential disruptions or inconveniences. In addition to bug fixes, Xiaomi has also focused on optimizing the Camera app. This optimization includes refining the app’s algorithms and enhancing its functionalities.

As a result, users can expect improved image quality, better autofocus capabilities, and enhanced overall performance. Furthermore, the fresh update also brings performance improvements to the Xiaomi Camera app.


  • Bug fixes, optimization, and performance improvements.

However, the firm has worked tirelessly on optimizing the app’s resource utilization, resulting in faster loading times and improved responsiveness. Users can now enjoy a more seamless and efficient camera experience, capturing their precious moments without any delays or lag.

However, the update can be identified via the build version V5.1.000130.0 and it weighs around 173.7MB. Accordingly, users can upgrade the app from the App Store or you can even access it directly by clicking on this link.

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Xiaomi drops fresh update to Camera app, check what’s new 

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