BMW unique design strategy

BMW plans to adopt unique design strategy for its EVs and ICE Vehicles

BMW believes that customers should have the freedom to choose their preferred powertrain without compromising on design, body style, or car size. Taking this into consideration, BMW always adopts a unique design strategy compared to its competitors when it comes to EVs and ICE vehicles.

In an interview, the design boss of BMW stated that the company doesn’t want to implement a visual separator between electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engines (ICEs).

This approach is already evident in several BMW models such as the X1/iX1, X3/iX3, 4 Series Gran Coupe/i4, 5 Series/i5, and 7 Series/i7.  Additionally, in China, BMW sells an i3 as a fully electric variant of the long-wheelbase 3 Series Sedan.

Dukec further noted that that there are some exceptions to this unified design strategy, such as the i3, which had a distinctive design to attract buyers who may not have considered a BMW. He also mentioned the iX, a futuristic concept car that previewed technologies found in the i7 and i5.

BMW believes that a unique and unified design strategy benefits both ICEs and EVs. An aerodynamic shape, which is a key aspect of BMW’s design philosophy, improves fuel efficiency for conventional ICE vehicles and increases the range of zero-emission EVs.

BMW unique design strategy


BMW plans to adopt unique design strategy for its EVs and ICE Vehicles

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