BMW new in-car entertainment system

BMW showcases new in-car entertainment system

BMW recently announced that it will be the first to launch related “electronic games” and “audio-visual multimedia” subscription services in Europe starting in November. BMW Digital Premium” is the result of the cooperation between BMW and the cloud gaming company AirConsole.

The first batch of games provided in the BMW in-car entertainment system is around 10, which mainly include small games such as racing, sports, and puzzle solving. Supports multiple people using mobile phones as handles to compete with each other.

However, the first batch of cars equipped with relevant entertainment systems is the BMW X1, iX1, and 2 Series for Europe. In addition to the game subscription service, BMW also introduced the “audio and video multimedia” subscription service. 

 Which offer the same functions as those provided by other car companies, allowing passengers to enjoy various video streaming services on the car screen when the vehicle is stationary.

BMW new in-car entertainment system


BMW showcases new in-car entertainment system

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