Huawei will start shipping Aito M5 HarmonyOS powered car from March 5

Huawei BAIC Car

SERES has announced that delivery of the AITO M5 smart car will start in Shanghai, China on March 5, which is equipped with HarmonyOS powered cockpit. This new product is the first flagship extended-range electric vehicle.


Moreover, the consumers were waiting for the arrival of this new EV, and AITO M5 car delivery for March 5 will give some relief. The entire system of AITO M5 EV is based on HarmonyOS and has Huawei DriveOne three electric system. This new vehicle showcase a variety of technologies, and interior as well as exterior design, performance configuration, audio, charging station.

CEO of Huawei’s consumer business and CEO of Smart Car Solutions BU, Yu Chengdong, announced at the new car launch that the AITO M5 has a level comparable to a million-dollar luxury car, and plans to make the AITO brand one of the top 3 global new energy brands within five years.

Aito M5 deliveryAITO M5 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender specially designed for the range extension system. It has a compression ratio of 15:1 and high thermal efficiency of 41 percent. Once charged, the AITO M5 can last over 1100km in WLTC conditions.

AITO Auto has also shared the on-road price of AITO M5:

  • The suggested retail price of the rear-wheel-drive standard version starts at 249,800 yuan after subsidies.
  • The suggested retail price of the four-wheel-drive performance version starts at 279,800 yuan after subsidies.
  • The suggested retail price of the four-wheel-drive flagship version is 319,800 yuan after subsidies.

Via – HuaweiCentral

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