Apple watchOS 9.5 green screen issue

Apple watchOS 9.5 update causes a nasty green screen issue

Apple Watch users were quite happy to obtain a new watchOS 9.5 update, but a few users showed disappointment due to an odd green screen issue. According to the information, the latest build is causing problems with the display segment of the device.

Consequently, Apple fans on the Reddit forum shared some images regarding the green screen issue that occurred after the watchOS 9.5 update. As per the details, this mainly happens at the time of accessing certain regular UI-related functions.

Furthermore, the issue is troubling almost every model including Apple Watch Series 8 wearables. Meanwhile, the condition is even worse with the earlier models. Adding more, users said that the display highlights a green tint shade while using the passcode input screen, Control Center, or pulling down notifications.

A few users pointed out that this could be an intentional act from the tech maker. However, that is not possible as it’s just a nasty color on the screen that often becomes irritable to the eyes. A user sarcastically said that the display panel looks like a washed-out LCD screen instead of a bold, black, and shiny surface.

Trying to escape from this point, users tried the restart option which gave a positive outcome. But this solution didn’t work for every Apple Watch user. Perhaps, this is a software issue and the company will soon release a fix with the next version.

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So far, the American tech giant has already fixed many such defects and green screen issues in iPhones. Though the watch thing is an exceptional case. Let’s see how long the company will take to solve this strange problem.

Apple watchOS 9.5 green screen issue


Apple watchOS 9.5 update causes a nasty green screen issue

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