OnePlus phones green line issue

The famous green line display issue is still hunting OnePlus phones globally

OnePlus phones and the green line display issue often walk hand in hand on the consumer ground. Though the problem does not affect important data or files. Yet it is quite annoying to see an odd color slash on your smartphone when playing games or watching videos.

While the green line issue is common on many OnePlus phones, the 8 series device owners are constantly reporting the defect after installing the OxygenOS 13.1 update. It looks as if Android 13-based firmware has not only welcomed new functionalities but a dozen of bugs as well.

Speaking of which, a few users on the Reddit forum said that their OnePlus 8 device ran into a green line display issue with the new update. Even a restart or downgrading of the previous build is not helping the phone holder. On the other hand, a user with OnePlus 9 and 8T models shared the same problem on the stage.

Oneplus 8 Pro Green Lines in Screen after Android 13 Update
by u/TrioHaydos in OnePlus8Pro

As mentioned, the green line issue is not new to OnePlus fans, especially the 8 series users. Earlier also, the respective device owners reported this problem after upgrading to OxygenOS 13. Sadly, the problem continues even after new upgrades.

It is worth mentioning that apart from OnePlus, brands such as Samsung and Apple are also facing the same issues due to the display panel. Here is what a user said on this matter:

“It’s a Samsung Display issue, different brands like Apple and Samsung have similar green bands too. The screen was probably already damaged a bit, but still working. The same issue happened with users when updated their devices with previous OOS versions.”

OnePlus phones green line issue

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Meanwhile, some users said that their devices are fine and do not show up any such lines on the screen. Perhaps, not every model is dealing with the green line problem. Though we hope that the tech maker will soon provide a solution to this flaw.

Guess me and my sis are also the chosen ones.
by u/Nandsunes in oneplus

The famous green line display issue is still hunting OnePlus phones globally

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