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Google Pixel users facing extreme battery drain after June 2023 update

June 2023 Feature Drop update has recently touched the Google Pixel devices, but more than features the firmware has welcomed battery drain issues for the respective handsets. In the current scenario, several Pixel owners are reporting extreme power consumption after installing the latest version.

Well, issues like overheating and battery declination are quite normal after upgrading the smartphone. It mainly happens when the device performs self-optimization to adapt the new firmware and its improvements effectively. However, often such processes create a huge bummer in the user experience.

And so is the case with the Google Pixel phone holders that are now facing extreme battery drain issues with the newest June 2023 Feature Drop update. A few of them even reported network and connectivity problems following the update.

Notably, the issue is so critical that users have to charge their phones twice a day to ensure that they can last until bedtime. On the flip side, there is a sudden and frequent signal drops which can only be resolved with a restart, as a temporary solution.

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Happens to all models?

No! Not every Pixel phone is falling into this buggy trap. But still, the firmware is bringing the battery life of the device at stake and it is important to release a fix for this trouble at the earliest.

Google Pixel battery drain


Google Pixel users facing extreme battery drain after June 2023 update

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