Google fixed missing contacts issue

Google fixed ‘missing contacts’ issue for Pixel and Samsung users

Google has finally fixed the strange ‘missing contacts’ issue that has been haunting Samsung and Pixel device owners for a few days. It’s a fair move from the phone maker, showing how it keeps an eye on its products and constantly put efforts to provide them a good treatment.

To those who are unaware, Google Pixel and Samsung handset users were reporting the missing contacts issue and were looking for an immediate fix. Though there wasn’t any specific reason behind the disappearing details from the app. Perhaps, it seemed to be related to the Google Play Services update that brought in the sync feature.

However, the US manufacturer acknowledged that the problem is mainly described as a ‘data access issue’ and that no contact data was directly affected by this error. Further, the tech giant fixed the missing contacts issue for Google Pixel and Samsung devices. Here is what the company said:

“We have fully rolled out a bug fix for affected users.

Users can manually sync contacts to their Android device via Google Contacts sync (open your device’s Settings app > Google > Settings for Google apps > Google Contacts sync > Status > tap Sync arrow) or refresh in their web browser for the fix to take effect and see their contact data.”

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So users! You can try out the above-given procedure to find your ‘missing contacts’. Meanwhile, we anticipate that the tech giant will roll out a better and more efficient feature for the Contacts rather than the confusing ‘sync’ functionality.

Google fixed missing contacts issue


Google fixed ‘missing contacts’ issue for Pixel and Samsung users

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