Green Line Issue: Apple taking inspiration from OnePlus, but in a negative way

Apple Green Line Issue OnePlus

OnePlus devices are good enough when it comes to the smartphone experience. However, green line defect is something that often becomes the reason for users’ annoyance. And it looks like, Apple has also started walking in the same footsteps. Similar to OnePlus device holders, an Apple iPhone user has found a green line issue on the display panel.

Recently, a Twitter handle shared a post with an interesting caption. The tweet holds a collage of two Apple iPhone images showing the green line issue (just like OnePlus). Meanwhile, the caption reads out a few words in a sarcastic tone – “When Apple takes inspiration from OnePlus, Oppo & Realme!!”

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Well if we talk about OnePlus, then the issue mainly appeared after the latest OxygenOS 13 software upgrade. So far, many users reported both horizontal as well as vertical green lines in the display area. Though the defect does not harm any essentials in the smartphone. Yet, no one would like to see unnecessary lines on their handset covering the entire screen.

And now we have the Apple device dealing with the same issue. The shared images exhibit two perspectives. While the first image shows only one green line on the blank screen, the second image has wrapped the screen with multiple green rays. Eventually, the issue is severe enough to stop the user from attempting operations or display functions.

Why Green Line Issue is so common?

The moment the blogger posted the tweet, many users filled the comment section with their complaints and suggestions. A user said that this problem has become quite common in the new models. Perhaps this could be due to the display type used in smartphones.

This is not a brand specific thing, this is mainly due to the type of display that are used on these smartphones, mainly OLEDs.

For the moment, there isn’t any confirmation as to what, this issue has been raised in iPhone. But we hope, if users are dealing with any such thing then the company take an action soon on this matter.

Apple Green Line Issue OnePlus

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