New Samsung Health update has Continuous Heart Rate graph issue for Galaxy Watch 4

After updating the Samsung Health app, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users saw a change in data visualization. The company has installed a new graph that can display data by category instead of a Continuous Heart Rate Graph. Each day is divided by a timeline, which shows the ups and downs of that part of the day.


Although this appears to be a harmless change, some users are not satisfied with the reviews. It cannot be ruled out that it was downloaded from the old Samsung Health app. Since the accuracy of portable devices can be a problem, users are encouraged to refer to the tracking data for reference only. Samsung can expect to showcase this with a new update.

Nevertheless, conspiracy opinions spread rapidly online, especially on Reddit. Some users claimed that the company deliberately separated data from the hidden secrets of the Galaxy Watch 4.


It’s worth noting that most firmware and compatible applications use continuous line graphs to display heart rate data. To make matters worse, Samsung customer support told Reddit users that users cannot revert to an older version of the Health app.

A user reports that uninstalling the new version of Samsung Health and installing the old version (for example, v6.18) can restore the continuous line graph. Although this is an unofficial way to solve the problem, it is the only way to save old graphics. Samsung may announce a specification or a possible option to return to the old graph to avoid any further problems in this regard.

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