OnePlus 10 Pro fingerprint bug putting user’s security at risk

OnePlus 10 Pro fingerprint bug putting user's security at risk

OnePlus 10 Pro is one of the flagship smartphone models in the market. The handset features some of the iconic attributes and characteristics with its high-end elements and internal system. However, in recent times OnePlus 10 Pro users are puzzled due to an unusual fingerprint bug.

Consequently, a OnePlus 10 Pro user reported that his device is going through a dangerous fingerprint issue. As per the user’s statements, the fingerprint on his smartphone can be unlocked easily by two of his known colleagues. Even after cleaning the screen properly and wiping out the spots, the bug continues to occur in the device.

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Further, the user also reported the methods and solutions he tried to resolve the respective fingerprint bug on his OnePlus 10 Pro. However, none of the alternatives gave relief to the user. Here are the tricks he followed to eliminate the issue:

  • Factory Reset the entire smartphone
  • Remove and registered the fingerprints again
  • Wiped the screen fully clean

Moreover, the user tried to turn off the “Safe Lock” option to avoid the issue but things remained the same. Following the thread, many users claimed that their OnePlus 10 Pro was able to get unlocked with other persons. On the flip side, a user said that it is certainly something else keeping the phone unlocked.

OnePlus 10 Pro fingerprint bug putting user's security at risk

Fingerprint bug could be dangerous!

Why Dangerous? Well, fingerprint sensor plays a significant role in the advancement of the device’s security. So far, we caught many phone makers opting for the in-display fingerprint mechanism to provide an ultimate experience to users in terms of privacy and security aspects.

However, an issue in the fingerprint segment can put forth the user’s security at risk. One with similar enough prints can easily scan into the device and trace the user’s confidential data. While there is no solution for the moment, we anticipate that the company will soon push an improved firmware to patch this bug.


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