OnePlus 8 series users spotted strange display issues

OnePlus 8 display issues

OnePlus is hustling with the latest flagship models – OnePlus 11 and 11R for the moment. Eventually, this hustle has apart the tech maker from its previous gadgets. Accordingly, the OnePlus 8 series users are now complaining about strange display issues in their devices.

Consequently, a OnePlus 8 phone owner appeared in the community forum and reported the issues that he observed on the display panel. As per the details, the screen doesn’t respond to touches unless it’s been held with at least one hand. This not only sounds abnormal but often becomes a point of irritation.

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Adding more, the user said that the problem mainly persists when playing games horizontally on the smartphone. As a result of this unusual issue, the user cannot find any settings regarding the game from the Game Mode.

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Following the thread, another user mentioned the same problem with the standard OnePlus 8 handset. The device holder said that he faced the same screen bug while playing, which often made him lose the game.

I also encountered this problem on my OnePlus 8 when playing different games like Apex Legends. Sometimes, it was like the screen just wouldn’t accept my touches, which caused me to lose a lot.

OnePlus 8 display issues

Although, the phone owner mentioned that the issue might be emerging due to the protection glass and not because of the internal mechanisms. However, in response, the sufferer said that in his case, the touch issue started after replacing the screen guard.

In terms of suggestions, a consumer said to try the OxygenOS repairing by the reset method. For doing so:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Select System Settings
  • Choose the Backup and Reset section
  • Click on Reset Phone
  • Tap on the Reset System Settings only option

Consequently, this selection will reset the settings of the Android phone, while keeping your data and applications on the phone intact. Since it will refresh the entire settings, the bug might disappear.

So OnePlus 8 users! Are you facing any such screen issues on your device? What method did you try to get rid of the display bug? Let us know in the comments.


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