Google Pixel 7 Pro users reporting battery drain issue after QPR2 beta 3 update

Google Pixel 7 Pro battery drain issue

Google has started the Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3 update for the Pixel devices, which brings some advancements, besides it too contains some ominous bugs like the battery drain issue, notably, most of the problems are occurring on the recently launched Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone.

Some Google Pixel 7 Pro users reporting that they are facing a battery drain issue after installing the QPR2 Beta 3 update. Whereas the remaining devices are operating well with no issues, it means the problem of this 3rd beta update is not affecting every Pixel user.

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Users said that, after installing this third beta of the QPR2 update, their phone’s battery is draining a lot in the background, and the most noticeable part is, it exhausts 15% overnight. This will obviously harm the battery performance of the device and lead to a poor user experience.

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The battery is the key element of any device and if any updates ruin it, then nothing can be worse than this. But there is no worry because it’s a beta update and we can expect that company will surely solve this issue with the upcoming updates, and your device battery will be normal again.

It’s clear that these beta versions are filled with bugs because the developer has recently rolled out this QPR2 beta 3 update with lots of fixes for the previous issues. But, just look at it, it too produces an annoying case. So to keep the battery of your device safe, we recommend you take some safety majors.

  • Clears all the running apps before sleeping.
  • Let your screen turn off sooner.
  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Set the brightness to change automatically.
  • Turn off keyboard sounds or vibrations.
  • Restrict apps with high battery use.
  • Turn on the adaptive battery.
  • Delete unused accounts.
  • Turn on dark theme.

Google Pixel 7 Pro battery drain issue


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