OnePlus 9 Pro green line display

OnePlus 9 Pro user shocked by random green line display after charging

OnePlus 9 Pro is one of the best flagships in the phone market, but unfortunately, it is also facing the random green line display issue. Once again, some unexpected colorful lines have started occupying the screen space, resulting in an awful user experience.

A OnePlus 9 Pro owner recently reached the Twitter platform and described the random appearance of the green line display. Without any fall or external damage, the phone started showing a faulty bug on the screen. Though it didn’t harm any important files or internal data of the device. But it’s enough to spoil someone’s day, especially when you hold a top-end model.

Quoting the situation, the user tweeted that his phone was out of battery and he kept it for charging. After a few minutes, the device showed up green line randomly out of nowhere. The device holder further tried all the workarounds to solve the problem. However, the line has now become permanent.

Concerned with the issue, the user mentioned that his smartphone is out of warranty. Hence, it is another point of stress if the device will get good treatment. In response to the thread, a consumer said that there isn’t any need to worry as the company is taking charge of the screen cases and replacing it for free.

Now that sounds relaxing. The only condition for this screen replacement is that there shouldn’t be any other physical damage to the handset. Thus, if you are also facing such issues, then visit the nearby OnePlus Customer Service Center, and they would bring you better facilities for your phone.

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Green Line Issue – Too Common!

Yes! In recent times, we heard of several bugs and defects but, the green and pink line issues remained permanent in this list. Though it’s not only OnePlus but other brands such as Samsung and Apple as well who are stuck on these random colored-line defects. Perhaps, it’s time to make an enduring solution to this problem.

OnePlus 9 Pro green line display

OnePlus 9 Pro user shocked by random green line display after charging

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