Some Google Pixel 7 pro users facing heating issue after installing QPR2 beta

Google Pixel 7 Pro heating issue

Google is running its QPR2 beta for Pixel devices, which includes some new offerings. But being a beta update, it too contains bugs, recently, some users of Google Pixel 7 Pro reported a heating issue on their device after installing this QPR2 beta update.

One user of Google Pixel 7 Pro shared his concern on Reddit and stated that his Pixel 7 pro is heating up while browsing the internet. Further, more users come up and comment that they too facing this same problem even after performing no action on the device.

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To be mentioned, the heating issue is not bothering every Pixel 7 Pro user, as many are there who are running their Pixel smartphone accurately with no heating problem. However, at present, there is no workaround available to resolve this issue other than rolling back.

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This heating issue can ruin the overall user experience and can also harm the battery life of your device. Simultaneously, if your phone gets too hot, then there is a chance to get the device exploding, while charging, operating, or even keeping it aside.

As per the collected information, the Google Pixel 7 Pro users are facing the heating issue while –

  • Listening to music.
  • Browsing.
  • Even keeping the phone in a pocket.

Google Pixel 7 Pro heating issue


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