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China to slap US in 2025 with 50% boost in computing power

China is planning something big that will boost its computing power by 50% against the US authorities. The information hints that Beijing has started concentrating on the supercomputing and artificial intelligence sections. Perhaps, this prior process will lead to a huge outcome in 2025.

As per the revealings, China is aiming to achieve the target computing power reaching 300 EFLOPS by 2025. Let us tell you that EFLOPS is equal to one quintillion floating-point operations per second, and measures a computer’s speed.

In August 2023, the computing power of Chinese authorities scored 197 EFLOPs, which was 180 in 2022. However, China is now readying itself to give a tough fight to the US in 2025, with a significant boost of 50% in computing power.

Eventually, the Chinese nation aims to build out more data centers across the country to facilitate businesses’ access to computing power. Meanwhile, it will focus on improving the computational infrastructure in western China. Things will also show enhancements in the network section.

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China computing power US


China to slap US in 2025 with 50% boost in computing power

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