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Samsung and SK Hynix are free to expand US chip equipment in China

Samsung and SK Hynix are the world’s largest chipmakers which can now expand the US chip equipment supply progress to China. According to the information, these firms no longer require approval to export new techs and tools to the Chinese market.

Perhaps, this will ease the US chip-related operations and investments in China for both Samsung and SK Hynix. Besides, these companies can now seek long-term global management strategies.

Eventually, the U.S. Department of Commerce is revising its end-user policy, enabling the South Korean company to keep supplying certain tools in China. After this update, Samsung and SK Hynix won’t need to obtain permission for separate export matters.

Samsung said the following words on this subject:

“Through close coordination with relevant governments, uncertainties related to the operation of our semiconductor manufacturing lines in China have been significantly removed.”

While SK Hynix added:

“We welcome the U.S. government’s decision to extend a waiver with regard to the export control regulations. We believe the decision will contribute to the stabilization of the global semiconductor supply chain.”

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Samsung US Chip China

Samsung and SK Hynix are free to expand US chip equipment in China

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