EU X Twitter disinformation

EU asks Musk to explain how X (Twitter) fights disinformation concerns

EU has turned its focal point towards X (Twitter) and is asking Elon Musk to explain how this application fights disinformation concerns. The regulators want transparency and knowledge of how information spreads on the specific online social media platform, following the Israel and Hamas conflict case.

According to the inputs, the EU wants swift moves on every social surface to control and manage disinformation as well as the protection of users. The EU commissioner – Thierry Breton sent a letter to Elon Mask asking about the capability of X (Twitter) to tackle disinformation concerns.

The details further reveal that X is giving some wrong inputs on the current events taking place in Gaza. Consequently, the platform is showing some misleading images that shift the blame to one side of the conflict or the other.

At the same time, the EU wants to know what type of content X permits on the application and whether it runs as per the Digital Service Act regulations or not.

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EU X Twitter disinformation

EU asks Musk to explain how X (Twitter) fights disinformation concerns

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