Samsung opens electronic voting system for regular shareholders’ meeting

Samsung launched the electronic voting system on the seventh day before the 52nd regular shareholders’ meeting held at the Suwon Convention Center in  Gyeonggi-do on the 17th.

The right to vote on each agenda can be exercised in advance on the 16th without attending the shareholders’ meeting by the electronic voting system.

Samsung introduced the electronic voting system last year. Because electronic voting is designed so that shareholders can use their voting power easily and efficiently, regardless of physical constraints such as the date or location of the shareholder meeting.

As a shareholder certification document, Koscom Securities Transaction or CFT Certificate for Personal consumption control can be used.

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In a convocation notice issued by Samsung Electronics to shareholders at the 52nd regular shareholders ‘meeting, Chairman Park  Jae-wan and vice-chairman Kim Ki-Nam said, “I believe it will be difficult to attend this year’s shareholders’ meeting this year due to COVID-19.” I want you to use it, “he told shareholders.

For the first time this year, Samsung Electronics is opening a general shareholder conference online. Samsung plans to accept preliminary inquiries for shareholders who watch online broadcasts, and shareholders can watch the broadcast and ask questions directly on the day of the shareholder meeting.

Samsung agenda for approval of financial statements, the appointment of external/internal directors, the appointment of external directors as members of the audit committee, and approval of compensation limits for directors.

However, under current law, it is impossible to vote online on the agenda of a shareholders ‘meeting when viewing the day the shareholders’ meeting airs online.

Prior application is required to watch the online broadcast, and shareholders can apply on the application site from 9 am on March 7th to 5 pm on the 16th, which is the same as the e-voting event period.

Shareholders access the system in a way that they are comfortable with either:

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