Samsung investing 43 billion in FST to develop chip supply chain

Samsung is the largest memory chip maker in the world and becomes the second-largest chip buyer worldwide. Currently, Samsung decided to invest 43 billion won in FST, a semiconductor material equipment company. Samsung is developing its supply chain by investing in major semiconductor partners in succession.

FST announced that it has decided to issue 1,522975 new stocks to Samsung with a paid-in capital increase. The issuance price is 28,240 won and the total amount is 43 billion won. When the capital increase is completed, Samsung will own a 6.9% stake in FST.

Following Chairman Myeong-Sik Jang and SAM Technology, an unlisted affiliate of FST, Samsung will become the third-largest shareholder. FST announced that it plans to use 30 billion won for facility funds and 13 billion won for operating funds.

FST is developing a pellicle for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) as a next-generation growth engine business. In the first quarter of this year, the company aims to launch a full-size EUV pellicle based on silicon carbide (SiC) material with a 30-nano thickness and 90% transmission specification.

Since there is currently no space to properly build EUV pellicles, experts hope that if the development is successful, it will make a significant contribution to sales. Analysis that Samsung has invested for this opportunity in the future.

Samsung last year saw S&S Tech (66.5 billion won, blank mask, and pellicle), YIK (47.3 billion won, pre-process inspection equipment), KC Tech (20.7 billion won, cleaning equipment, and CMP slurry), and Mico Ceramics (21.6 billion won, ceramic parts). LOT Vacuum (18.9 billion won, vacuum equipment), and New Power Plasma (12.7 billion won, plasma generating parts), etc.

In addition, Samsung owns stakes in several partners, including A-Tech Solutions (15.9%), Wonik IPS (3.8%), Wonik Holdings (2.3%), Dongjin Semichem (4.8%), and Soulbrain Holdings (4.8%).

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