Sony announced partnership with creators of popular Discord service

The popular communication service will be integrated into the PlayStation Network infrastructure early next year. Sony has announced a partnership with the creators of the popular Discord service, which “is used by over 140 million people worldwide within a month.

” There is already “active work to integrate Discord with the social and gaming capabilities of the PlayStation Network.”

The close integration of Discord and PlayStation Network is planned early next year to provide PlayStation users with more opportunities for communication and grouping. As part of the collaboration, Sony invests an unnamed amount in Discord.

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On the other hand, Epic Games is promising to add more PC apps in the future, including the communications app Discord. There’s also a new section in the Epic Games Store dedicated to PC apps, so it’s clear that Epic has ambitions to run its own Windows Store here.

That’s not entirely surprising, as Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has long called for open app models and stores on Windows. Microsoft’s own Windows Store has failed to become a popular venue for a huge amount of Windows apps and games, and popular apps like Adobe Creative Suite, Chrome, Discord, and Zoom aren’t even in the Windows App Store.


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