Apple CEO Tim Cook gifted the first Mac Pro 2019 to the former US President Donald Trump

by Ashish

Back in December 2020, the presidential elections were held in the United States between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden. The results of the elections were also announced which came in the favour of Joe Biden, who has taken the charge of the US government after taking oath on January 20, 2021.

With this, Donald Trump becomes the former president of the United States after he lost to Joe Biden. The US tech giant, Apple and Donald Trump shared a genuine relationship as along with the CEO Tim Cook the former president visited the company’s Texas facility ahead of the launch of Mac Pro.

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And now according to the latest news (Via), Tim Cook gifted the first Mac Pro of 2019 that was manufactured in the Austin facility of Texas to Donald Trump whose tenure has been ended as the president of the US.

This Mac Pro is special as it’s the first machine that was manufactured at the Flex Factory in Austin, Texas. The starting price of the Mac Pro starts at $5,999. It was the first-ever Mac Pro of the factory as it was not used at the time of 2013 Mac Pro assembly.

The Texas facility at Autin will continue to manufacture the Mac Pro computers that are being shipped to the United States.

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