Apple will let users keep ‘Live Activities’ updated more often with iOS 16.2: Report

With the release of the official version of iOS 16.1 this week, Apple launched a live event – more third-party applications can provide useful information. With the “Live Activity” feature, users can always keep up to date with the latest information on frequently used apps.

Follow the arrival time of a taxi, the latest score at a ball game, or the next alarm on the lock screen without unlocking your device. On iPhone 14 Pro, Live Activity information also appears on Dynamic Island if the device is unlocked.

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With the release of the iOS 16.2 Beta to developers on Tuesday, Apple will give users the option to refresh “live activity” more frequently. The new option, which is not currently enabled in iOS 16.2 Beta, will provide “more frequent refreshes” for Live Activity.

Code seen by 9to5Mac confirms that when the option is enabled, live events (and consequent Dynamic Island interactions) will request updates at shorter intervals to show “more real-time information”. Meanwhile, the same information found in the code warns that enabling more frequent refreshes for “Live Activity” will also drain the iPhone battery faster.

iOS 16.2 Live ActivitiesOnce available, users can get new options in the Settings app. More frequent refreshes are useful for some apps, such as Flighty, which support real-time activity to display details about upcoming flights. Delivery and ride-hailing apps will also benefit. Presumably, Apple will reveal this feature before the official release of iOS 16.2.

Moreover, the Apple App Store recently introduced early adopters of new features in iOS 16, including the lock screen, real-time activities, and the first batch of apps that support “real-time activities”.