Intel teases Apple for M1 Macs by highlighting its shortcomings

Back in November 2020, Apple introduced the M1 Silicon chip for its Macs and after this, the company has also officially begun the transition away from the Intel chips. With this decision of Apple, the chipmaker is now under threat.

As per the latest news, in the ads shared on Twitter, Intel has been emphasizing the shortcomings of the Apple M1 Mac series. For example, an advertisement this week pointed out the gaming capabilities of Intel chips. Intel mentioned ‘Rocket League, a game that is not playable on Apple’s platform.’ The company said – “Only a PC can power scientists and gamers.”

Intel also pointed out in an advertisement last week that Apple’s Mac lacks a touch screen. “Only PCs provide tablet mode, touch screen, and stylus functions in a single device,” Intel wrote in a tweet.

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In addition, earlier this week, Intel launched a series of “crafted” benchmarks designed to prove that Intel’s 11th generation processors are better than M1 chips, but these benchmarks themselves are more “friendly” to Intel machines. Apple Columnist Jason Snell called it “unfriendly to M1”.

Intel’s anti-Apple advertising may have just begun because Apple plans to basically not use Intel chips in two years. Apple is transitioning the entire Mac product line to Apple silicon chips, and MacBook Pro and iMac will be updated next. Below you can check the Tweets by Intel in response to the M1 chip and also check out the embedded video.


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