Study reveals that only iPhone users are not interested in foldable phones

As foldable phones such as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Motorola Razer were released one after another, it was found that Americans are more interested in foldable phones. On the 26th (local time), the US IT media Cnet reported the results of a foldable phone purchase intention survey conducted by public opinion polling agency YuGov.

According to survey results, about half of US consumers are known to be interested in purchasing foldable devices as their next device. Of the total respondents, 16% said they were very interested and 34% said they were somewhat interested.

Interestingly, consumers who currently use LG and Samsung smartphones showed more interest in foldable phones than iPhone users. Currently, 59% of LG smartphone users answered that they are interested in foldable devices, 52% of Samsung phone users, and only 47% of iPhone users.

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The reason why iPhone users are less interested in foldable phones may be that Apple has not yet released foldable phones, which could change, Cnet said. In January, it was reported that Apple began producing a prototype of a foldable phone, and analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, an expert analyst at Apple, predicted that the foldable iPhone will be available in 2023.

Yugove said that portability and convenience are the most important factors that shape interest in foldable phones. Then, about one-third of survey respondents said that the “cool element” of foldable technology is attracting their attention.

However, not everyone showed interest in foldable phones. About half of the respondents who said they were not interested in purchasing a foldable phone answered am worried that the device will be damaged’ (50%), 43% thought that foldable phones are only fashionable’, and 37% said the price of a foldable phone.

This is too expensive,’ he replied. Next, the answers were because I don’t like the appearance of the phone (26%) and because my favorite brand doesn’t have a foldable phone yet’ (15%).


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