Google Photos to bring unique Video Unblur tool alongside new video effects

Google Photos Video Unblur

Google Photos is baking a handful of new features in the kitchen, and the latest one includes a unique Video Unblur tool. As the name suggests, the element will help in making visual recordings and short clips more crips and clear to your eyes.

Alongside the video function, the information also reflects some new video effects. Consequently, you will get more options to edit your videos and make them look aesthetic in real time. To be mentioned, users will get a total of 14 video effects.

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The US tech maker never disappoints its consumers, especially in terms of application features. In accordance, the company keeps on adding fresh elements to its apps and services that can hype the level of user experience.

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So far, the Android maker developed the ‘Photo Unblur’ tweak and released it with the Pixel 7 series. For your information, this feature has gained the capability to sharpen your captured shots neatly. Moreover, the useful element works expertly irrespective of how old your handset is.

Google Photos Video Unblur

Eventually, the same case is with Pixel 8. We are already hearing the leaks and rumors of the new device, which will soon occupy its space on the consumer platform. Probably, we could find the ultimate Video Unblur tool of Google Photos with the gadget, which will generate sharpness to videos, using machine learning.

Speaking of the video effects, there will be 14 new additions as per the information. These add-ons aim to highlight the overall clippings in a more better and interesting way.

Google Photos Video Unblur

For instance, the Chromatic effect will create an outline of unwanted color along the edges, while the VHS and Super 8 will offer classic video formats. You can check out these effects below.

  • After School
  • B&W
  • Chromatic
  • Forward
  • Glassy
  • Golden
  • Moire
  • Multiply
  • Polaroid
  • Rainbow Rays
  • Reflect
  • RGB Pulse
  • Super 8
  • VHS

It’s worth mentioning that the tool is under development and could be a Pixel-exclusive feature. Although the company may avail it more Android devices in the upcoming days.


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