No Samsung or Apple device can compete with OnePlus 11, in terms of comfort

OnePlus 11 comfort Samsung

OnePlus 11 has not left the headlines ground and is still emerging for its extraordinary features. In the latest edition, a well-known tipster applaud the flagship handset and said that no Samsung or Apple device can match the level of the OnePlus 11 in terms of comfort.

According to the tweet shared by Max Jambor, the new OnePlus smartphone invention is the most comfortable phone to hold and use, to date. Eventually, the analysts also mentioned that No Samsung device or Apple iPhone can compete with OnePlus 11 comfort skills.

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Further, the tipster pointed out that Galaxy S23 is nice. The bulky design of Samsung, as well as the Apple devices, makes them look quite aesthetic. However, it is just not comfortable after some time, as it has sharper edges.

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To give a fair opinion, the tipster added that he has always been a fan of curved phones, and has even used the iPhone 14 Pro Max as his main device. Yet, the comfort feels that he obtained in the OnePlus 11, is missing in many of the newly arrived Samsung and iPhone models.

On the other hand, a OnePlus user replied to the tweet that he agree with the statement. Not only the OnePlus 11 but all the previous handsets from the same brand accompany a likewise grip feel, compared to other high-tech devices.

When it comes to a smartphone, hand feel matters the most. Thanks to OnePlus, the ultimate creation is indeed amazing not only in performance aspect but in comfort as well.

Another user said that OnePlus is insanely comfortable. Moreover, the black matte texture makes it even better. It looks like, OnePlus managed to make a 50% comeback by the start of 2023.

However, the other half will be fruitful when the company will look after the software experience as well. It’s time for OnePlus to improve its update rollout policy and bring stuff on time to its users.

OnePlus 11 comfort Samsung


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