OnePlus 11 is about to launch a special version: Li JieLouis

OnePlus 11 special version

OnePlus has given a bashing flagship model to its consumers at the outset of this year, in the form of the OnePlus 11. But looks like the package still contains some more surprises. In the latest development, OnePlus 11 hearsay to launch a special version in the coming days.

The narrative begins when recently OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis shared a new blog on his Weibo account. Eventually, the post read that the company will soon bring a new and special version to the OnePlus 11 smartphone family.

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Adding more, the chief said that this dynamic product will once again challenge the word ‘impossibility’ and will be developed with extraordinary materials. Perhaps, the upcoming version will be robust and powerful, just like the standard model.

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Giving some hints, Li also shared a huge poster. Herein, the OnePlus 11 smartphone appears in an opaque shade over Jupiter planet. Besides, the poster reads some interesting words:

“Everyone is unique, can every phone look unique?
Is there a possibility?

A new edition with unique number of additional features. Stay tuned”

OnePlus 11 special version

Thus we could expect massive bumps on the consumer surface in the time ahead.  Following this pinch, a Weibo tipster brings some new points on this matter. Accordingly, the blogger pointed out the back panel texture of the next coming device and said that it will feel comfortable to the touch.

OnePlus 11 special version

On the other hand, a tipster highlighted some new pics of the OnePlus 11 that never came to users’ eyes, so far. Pay attention, these images are quite similar to the Jupiter look. Thus, it would be worth noticing what the company is planning to bring to the floor.

OnePlus 11 – whenever we hear this term, several ultimate techs and features enter our imagination, tempting us to experience the phone in our hands.  Let’s see what else we will get with the special version.

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