OnePlus to bring ‘limited charging at night’ feature in future OxygenOS updates

OnePlus night charging feature OxygenOS

OnePlus has implemented several new functions to its latest top-end OnePlus 11 model. However, some fans are demanding the limited night charging feature for the old devices, and it looks like OnePlus will soon fulfill the wish with future OxygenOS updates.

Yes! You read it right. OnePlus phone holders could get access to the ‘limited charging at night’ feature with the next OxygenOS versions. The company has given some hints to its users in a recent interrogation round.

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For your information, the mentioned feature plays a vital role in enhancing the battery life of the device. As the name reflects, the interesting mechanism powers up the smartphone to a limited extent, without overcharging it.

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After acknowledging these benefits, a user asked when will the function of limited charging at night takes place for mobile phones. In response, the company gave a positive answer and confirmed that we may get the amazing feature in the coming days.

OnePlus night charging feature OxygenOS

Eventually, a OnePlus moderator said that it has noted user suggestions and feedback. So far, the company has added Optimized night charging that functions similarly to the respective feature. It further quotes that users can find the element under the Battery section in the Settings menu.

“The suggestion has been adopted. At present, the function of ‘Optimized night charging’ has been added to mobile phones, which can be turned on by Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized night charging.”

In case you’re unaware, Optimized night charging works to decelerate battery aging. The device learns your sleep schedule and waits to finish charging past 80% until just before you wake up. The feature is already present in the newly-arrived OnePlus 11 with the ‘Wise Charging’ label.

While the news is quite exciting for consumers, it’s still not confirmed whether the feature will roll out to only new models, or will the company bring these benefits to old devices as well. We will keep you posted on this matter.

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