OnePlus resolved WhatsApp video calling issue with latest OxygenOS updates

OnePlus WhatsApp calling issue OxygenOS

OnePlus users have been dealing with the WhatsApp video calling issue for a long time, but looks like the problem has been resolved with the recently arrived OxygenOS updates.

The company has already dropped the issue status in various posts and threads. On the other hand, a moderator confirmed that the developers had acknowledged the issue and had started pushing the new firmware versions with improvements.

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As per the details, the issue initially emerged with the OnePlus 10T OxygenOS 13 C.26 update. Eventually, the corresponding phone holders were not able to connect to WhatsApp Video calls while using the mobile data.

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Interestingly, the changelog reads that the latest version fixes an issue where users are unable to make voice or video calls with WhatsApp in certain scenarios. Even though, the users continued to face the same issue.

After several reports of ‘WhatsApp not working efficiently’, the company made a keen inspection. Thereafter the moderator pinned out a statement, which included the following words:

OnePlus WhatsApp calling issue OxygenOS

“We noticed that some users are not able to use WhatsApp after C.26 update. After confirmation with the relevant team, we request you restart your device, and the problem will be resolved.”

As of now, the company has done some more research on this topic and said that this has been a known issue for a few days.  The development team has come to a conclusion after testing and analyzing, and it will be fix in the subsequent version.

On the flip side, the tech maker also affirmed that after updating to the latest version you should be able to use your WhatsApp video calls normally.

Probably, we could find a complete fix for the WhatsApp video calling issue in the OnePlus devices with the next OxygenOS updates. Till then, you may try the above-given method to make a temporary patch to the problem.

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