Apple iOS 18 Siri improvements

Apple working on AI-powered version of Siri expected to launch soon 

Siri is Apple’s intelligent assistant which helps iPhone owners in several ways like responding to users’ spoken questions by speaking back to them through the device’s speaker and more. However, Apple is now planning to make its Assistant more evident with the introduction of an AI-powered version of Siri.

According to the information, Apple is reportedly working on an AI-powered version of Siri and it’s confirmed through the iOS 17.4 first beta code. OpenAI ChatGPT does not seem to power Siri’s artificial intelligence features. Instead, it exists as a yardstick for Apple to compare its Large Language Model (LLM).

Notably, Apple seems to be testing four different AI models, including AjaxGPT, its in-house LLM. The code shows that Apple is testing two versions of AjaxGPT, one processed on-device and one not. Some previous reports also suggest that the company has allegedly invested $1 billion in adding AI to Siri.

Moving on, there were rumors that Apple was planning to integrate its generative AI technology into Siri and other services, with an announcement expected at the 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference. Thus, we can expect the arrival of an AI-powered version of Siri in June 2024 alongside several more products.

Apple Siri AI-powered version


Apple working on AI-powered version of Siri expected to launch soon 

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