Can you use Taskbar on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 running One UI 4.1.1?

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Samsung introduced the Taskbar feature with Galaxy Z Fold 4 running One UI 4.1.1 software, which makes it easier to multitask on foldable smartphones. Well, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is also running on One UI 4.1.1 but are you able to use the Taskbar feature in it?

What is Taskbar?

The taskbar is the most notable feature Samsung brings to its devices with the One UI 4.1.1 upgrade. It allows you to manage your favorite apps, work, switch between them, open split screen, and much more with ease.


It carries two sections of apps in the taskbar. The left side is full of apps you want always available and the right side shows your recently used apps. You can adjust which app you want to see always on the Taskbar.

Samsung Taskbar

Galaxy Z Flip 4 has Taskbar?

No. Even after the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is running on One UI 4.1.1 OS, it is not able to run the Taskbar feature. That’s because the Taskbar feature is exclusive to Samsung smartphones running Android 12L/One UI 4.1.1, whereas, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is running on Android 12/One UI 4.1.1.

Samsung is providing the Android 12L only to its devices having a large screen, such as Fold phones and tablets. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is also a foldable phone but since it’s clamshell, it doesn’t have that large screen. When unfolded, it turns out to be a normal Galaxy phone.

Samsung Flip 4 One UI 4.1.1 Taskbar

In fact, it’s not much needed in a Galaxy Flip phone. Fold phones or tablets have a large screen that is inconvenient to use with one hand so the taskbar feature is made to help you out of this. Whereas, you can easily switch between different apps and use them on a Flip smartphone.

Although the Flip devices still have some amazing features like Flex mode that provides customers the ability to work in a multi-screen mode. When you open your device halfway, you will see the content move to the top half of the screen and a control pad appear on the bottom with a row of icons.

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