Google Pixel 6 renders suggest extraordinary design, punch hole display

Google Pixel 6 series design renderings have been leaked. Google has carried out drastic reforms on the basis of last year’s conservative Pixel 5, both Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro The overall square design, with a bright camera module and extremely narrow frame, looks completely different from the previous Pixel products.

The tipster Jon Prosser said that he saw an early experimental version of the Pixel 6 series to make a rendering. Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro both use perforated screens. The front camera is located at the center of the top of the screen. The back of the phone uses a ribbon-shaped bump to place the rear camera.

Google Pixel 6 has two cameras and one LED flash on the back, while Google Pixel 6 Pro has three cameras and one LED flash. It is still unclear what functions these camera modules will contain. I hope Google can use these cameras to show in the future. New features we have never seen before.

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Jon Prosser also mentioned three different color combinations of Google Pixel. Google Pixel 6 has only one color, using a color combination with a black frame: bright orange on the top of the back, black for the raised strips, and white on the bottom of the back with an orange Google Logo.

The Pixel 6 Pro has two color combinations, one of which is very similar to the only color combination of Google Pixel 6, the difference is that the lower part of the back is light orange, while the other color combination of Google Pixel 6 Pro is The bottom is off-white with champagne accents.

According to the displayed pictures, the black strips of Google Pixel 6 Pro and Google Pixel 6 have the same size, but the top part of the back of Pixel 6 Pro seems to be larger. This should be an extra camera from Google Pixel 6 Pro As a result, Google may intend to use this camera to implement some new features that Google Pixel 6 does not have.

Google expects to release the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro devices in the fall of 2021. However, due to the global shortage of cores, Google may also postpone the release.

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