Huawei, Apple, and Samsung were the top selling brands of 2020 in terms of 5G smartphone sales

The new year has already started and we expect that it brings a lot of success for all of us. With the start of 2021, it’s a good time to do some revision for the last year, so here we are with new data for the 5G smartphone market of 2020.

As per the latest stats released by the research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) on January 01, 2021, Huawei, Apple, and Samsung were the top three brands of last year in terms of 5G smartphone sales.

Looking at their respective market share, the Chinese phone maker, Huawei has sold the highest amount of 5G smartphones among the top three brands. The market share of Huawei accounts for about 29.2% share with a total of 79.6 million units shipped.

Then we have Apple in the second position with a 19.2% market share. Even though this time, the iPhone launch was postponed, Apple somehow managed to the second position. After the launch, the iPhone 12 series became famous due to the 5G connectivity which is included for the first time in iPhones.

Last but not the least, Samsung ranked third on the list with a total of 41 million units shipped, which accounts for a 15.1% market share. The other phone makers such as Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi captured the market share of 13.9%, 12.8%, and 11.7% respectively.

Further, we expect that the 5G market in the coming days will gain pace as more and more companies will be entering the 5G market. We will be seeing many budget 5G phones from companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme including Huawei and Samsung.


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