New gaming triggers, dual port 30W charger, and cables uncovered by Black Shark

After a period of time, the gaming sub-brand of Xiaomi, Black Shark has been developed in accordance with the company’s 2021 schedule and it is focusing on its next-generation gaming smartphone.

As per the latest information, Black Shark has just announced a series of new accessories for mobile smartphones including fast chargers, charging cables for Android and iPhone, and shoulder buttons for mobile games.

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As we all know, Black Shark is a sub-brand that focuses on the gaming experience of smartphones. Now the company is continuing to release accessories.

Some of them are simple, but others will try to bring the good gaming experience provided by gaming phones. The company seems to be “testing” a series of new Black Shark brand products, which, honestly, seems to be a wise choice. Below you can check the specification of the 30W charger, triggers, and USB C-Type Cable.

About Blackshark 30W Charger

The company’s first product is a new type of dual-port fast charger. It has a USB-C port and a USB-A port with a foldable plug. The maximum power output of the charger is 30W, but there’s no information about the output of each port.

Unfortunately, the new product is still not officially launched. However, its price is very cheap, at RMB 79 (~$12).

About Black Shark Split Mobile Game Shoulder Triggers

The company also introduced a better gaming experience that should be triggered. In fact, this product attempts to bring the ultimate gaming experience of gaming phones to the overall standard smartphone. These buttons will be located at the top of the phone and you can assign special functions according to the game.

Each trigger has two buttons and the price is 39 yuan ($6) each. For both parties, you need to pay 78 yuan ($12). Finally, it provides a good price/performance ratio.

Black Shark Type C Cable

Black Shark also launched a USB-C data cable for those who need this special brand cables. The cable is braided with an angled USB-C connector on one end and a USB-A connector on the other end. The cable only costs 59 yuan (~$9).

Lightning data cable and Lightning-fast charging data cable

The company also introduced two new cables, especially for Apple users. One of them costs 59 yuan ( $ 9), which is just a standard cable. However, there is a fast charging option that costs 69 yuan (~ $ 10.5). Both have a USB-A connector at one end and an angled Lightning connector at the other end.

Black Shark will also open pre-orders at 18:00 local time tomorrow and actual sales will begin at 10:00 am on January 1.

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