OnePlus 10 Pro back panel could not even survive harmless fall

OnePlus 10 Pro back panel could not even survive harmless fall

OnePlus has given some of the best products to its consumers to date. If we check on the latest one, we have the OnePlus 10 Pro in our midst which is incredibly attractive and full of interesting characteristics. But in a recent incident, the OnePlus 10 Pro back panel could not even survive a harmless fall.

Yes, the information is making its way from the community forum. As per the details, a OnePlus 10 Pro user expressed his disappointment after seeing the condition of his phone’s back panel in a short height fall.

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Consequently, the user reported that his OnePlus 10 Pro back panel has broken when fell from a sudden height. Highlighting the distance, the user said that it was not so much that the back surface should get damaged and divided into pieces. Besides, he also provoked the software services for the respective handset.

Eventually, the OnePlus 10 Pro owner claimed that the phone is a fragile element and has offered not good enough experience in terms of updates and performance. But everything has two sides to see. And so is the case with the OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone. While the user was cursing the gadget for its issues, many users praised the device and its software rollouts.

OnePlus 10 Pro back panel could not even survive harmless fall

On the contrary side, a user said that he is using the OnePlus 10 Pro and had experienced amazing performance and efficiency. In terms of damage, the phone comes with a robust structure. Moreover, the usage of cases and screen protectors makes it more strong and tough to resist downfalls.

“Love my 8T and now OnePlus 10 Pro, both with Android 12, no major problems. Battery life is excellent, I always put on a case and tempered glass screen protectors before using, prevents any chance of damage. I will always use OnePlus phones!”

In the meantime, another user appeared praising his OnePlus 10 Pro emerald green variant. Notably, the user mentioned that his device sits in an extremely clear case back cover. But does that mean only strong cases can protect the device? If yes, then the company should work on the back panel and structure of its handsets.

What are your thoughts on this incident? Have you also felt the same disappointment for your OnePlus 10 Pro or are you a happy customer? Let us know in the comment section.


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