OnePlus 11 battery health feature to avail for new flagship devices: Tipster

OnePlus 11 OxygenOS 13 February 2023 update

OnePlus 11 has stepped on the consumer platform with a bunch of new and interesting features. And it looks like the company will bring some of the amazing tweaks of the latest flagship to its next gadgets as well. Yes! We are talking about the OnePlus 11 battery health feature that could take place in the upcoming devices.

Recently, a OnePlus analyst shared some beneficial info about the 11th smartphone version. Accordingly, the tipster appreciated the battery health feature of the OnePlus 11 and further added that the tech maker may avail it to the recently launched devices.

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Interestingly, the tipster also said that the new OnePlus 11 battery health function is quite similar to the one we have seen in iPhone devices. For your information, the battery health screen includes information on maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability.

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The overall motto of this addition to smartphones is to acknowledge power usage. Here, the maximum capacity is an estimate of your device’s current battery capacity compared to when it was new. While the lower capacity results in fewer hours of usage between charges.

OnePlus 11 battery feature devices

Excluding the Maximum capacity option, the Battery Health section also consists of a battery booster and a wise charging function. You can check the details of both features below:

  • Battery Booster: Battery Booster combines biomimetic electrolyte technology and an exclusive intelligent battery health algorithm to keep lithium ions active for extended battery life.
  • Wise Charging: To slow down battery aging, “Intelligent Services” learns your charging habits and waits to finish charging past 80% until just before you start using your device. (The feature is quite the same as the one we have in OnePlus 9 Pro, namely – optimized night charging)

As per the tipster’s details, the feature is still in its initial phase. However, the company might offer more insights into this add-on with OxygenOS 13.1 or the 14th version. Aside, the analyst said that this new feature will only be avail to new devices.

Thus, we could see this element in OnePlus 11R and the forthcoming Nord series. Though the company has not said anything on this matter yet. Let’s see what else we will catch on this topic in the time ahead.

OnePlus 11 battery feature devices


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