OnePlus 11 HyperBoost 2.0 game engine offers power-saving facility

OnePlus 11 HyperBoost 2.0 game engine offers power-saving facility

OnePlus is constantly elaborating on the list of new technologies for its high-end flagship – the OnePlus 11. In the latest development, the tech maker has dropped a new poster on its official Weibo account, again regarding the gaming experience. Yes, the OnePlus 11 will equip the ultimate HyperBoost 2.0 game frame stabilization engine to improve power-saving efficiency.

Consequently, the Chinese tech maker has shared a new image of the social media platform. Further, it has described how the new tech will benefit the device owners in multiple aspects. Well, if we are not wrong then this is the third technology, reflecting the improvement in the gaming scenarios and promising to provide better performance.

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Talking about the OnePlus 11 HyperBoost 2.0 game engine, the tech will help in various manners. For instance, it will provide a high and stable frame so that game lovers can reliably play high-end games without taking stress about the device and load perspectives. Next, it assures the delivery of high-image quality which will eventually raise the standard of visual experience among users.

OnePlus 11 HyperBoost 2.0 game engine offers power-saving facility

And the most significant benefit of this technology is power saving. As per the details, it can enable four high-energy elements at the same time. This will boost the functioning of the device and will also help to reduce power consumption. As a result, users can spend long hours on this handset without checking the power efficiency.

List of Technologies that the OnePlus 11 will support:
  • Galaxy-Like Camera Design
  • Powerful Lens Protection Glass
  • Game Cloud Computing Private Network
  • 360-degree surround antenna
  • LinkBoost 4.0
  • Memory Genetic Reorganization
  • Strongest Bionic Vibration Motor
  • Super Frame Game Engine
  • Robust Battery with 100W supercharging
  • Dual-Ring Magnetic speakers
  • HyperBoost 2.0

So many techs have already started surfing the internet corners. Now it would be worth seeing what else the company will unveil at the coming launch event.

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