OnePlus 12 Wishlist: Here are the features we expect from next flagship

OnePlus 12 flagship features

OnePlus 12 is probably the next flagship that the Chinese tech maker will bring for its consumers with ultimate features. In the meantime, we listed out a few simple yet useful points that everyone would like to see in the upcoming OnePlus top-end model.

No doubt, the Nord developer has given a great device in the form of the OnePlus 11. To continue this trend and get more attention in the Android phone market, the company has to make even better improvements in the approaching handsets.

Accordingly, the OnePlus 12 flagship could bring those worthy and significant features that remained absent so far from the OnePlus devices. While there is no confirmation of the phone’s launch, it’s likely to make its way in early 2024.

What we expect:

OnePlus 11 has won consumers’ hearts with flying colors, yet it’s still a little away from being a perfect smartphone. Hence, here are a few features that could make the future handy gadget much better.

An upgraded display

While brands like Apple and Samsung have started using the E6 Super AMOLED panel for their smartphones, OnePlus still relies upon the E4 display even for its premium device. Thus we anticipate an upgrade this time.

For your information, E4 AMOLED brings 2000 nits of peak brightness with 1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. This will ultimately level up the visual experience. Also, it would be better if the company considers a 144Hz refresh rate.

OnePlus 12 flagship features

Better Telephoto lens

This is another prominent addition OnePlus fans are waiting for. Though OnePlus 11 comes along with a 2x optical zoom which has made the portraits section more enhanced.

Yet, in comparison to other rivals in the market, OnePlus is lacking behind in this department. And so, we expect that in the next model, we will capture our favorite moments with a 3x or 5x telephoto lens.

In addition, the company should also prefer the latest IMX9 super large sensor for the main camera. And an improved selfie lens for the front face of the device.

OnePlus 12 flagship features

Wireless Charging with better speed

In the technology era, a drawback that OnePlus is constantly showing with its phone is wireless charging. This is the popular feature that every user would like to see in this brand.

On the flip side, it is important that OnePlus would work on the charging speed of the device. It’s good for the moment, yet often it troubles users.

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Some other implementations include an IP68 rating, dedicated speakers, and more color variants, just like OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition. What is your wishlist for the OnePlus 12 smartphone? Let us know in the comment section.

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