OnePlus 12 5K renders camera

OnePlus 12 will come with an upgraded 24GB RAM, said tipster

OnePlus 12 is going to be a big hit in the market, as a new leak suggests that the upcoming device is set to impress users with its upgraded RAM capacity. Yes, the OnePlus 12 is rumored to feature a whopping 24GB of RAM, which is a significant improvement compared to its predecessors.

This increase in RAM will undoubtedly enhance the overall performance and multitasking capabilities of the device, allowing users to seamlessly switch between apps and enjoy a smoother user experience.

With upgraded 24GB of RAM, the OnePlus 12 will be capable of handling resource-intensive tasks with ease. Whether it’s gaming, video editing, or running multiple apps simultaneously, users can expect improved speed and efficiency.

The larger RAM capacity will also benefit those who heavily rely on their smartphones for productivity purposes, such as professionals who frequently use resource-intensive applications or multitask extensively. In addition to RAM, the tipster also shared the display specs of the phone, which you can check here.

As we eagerly await the official announcement from OnePlus, it’s safe to say that the OnePlus 12 will offer an impressive user experience for those in search of a high-performance device. However, the company has not yet revealed anything officially, so it’s safe to take this information as a pinch of salt.

OnePlus 12 display specs

OnePlus 12 will come with an upgraded 24GB RAM, said tipster

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